Plein Air Painting Guide

The Llano Estacado Plateau over 3,000 feet elevation with a variety of landscape.

Agriscape, with the multiple vertical lines of furrows giving a painting great depth.

Big Orange Sky, and a low distant horizon that is many miles away.

Canyon Country, from Blanco Canyon north to Tule Canyon then Palo Duro Canyon and then Canadian River Breaks. The deep red of the soil to be balanced with the dense dark green Junipers and a blue sky.

Cotton, Mass of green foreground feeding from a big blue puffy sky.

Billy the Kid Country can be defined as Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Pecos River, valley architecture and groves of trees Roswell, Ft. Sumner.

Smokey Bear, I prefer the much less populated but still very accessible mountains north of Capitan and Lincoln, New Mexico in Lincoln National Forest. The lower altitude is easier on the body and the big pines are more distinct towering over lesser species.

Jicarilla, High country arroyos and meadows; ghost town buildings to paint.

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